About The Clinician

Health systems aren’t working like we expect them to and maybe that’s because we want more than they can deliver with the constraints of their existing frameworks. With large numbers of baby boomers due to hit retirement age in the next 10 to 15 years, pressure on the already stretched health systems will only increase and the way health services are delivered will have to change.

It is now widely accepted that implementing a value-based healthcare system (rewarding providers for achieving better health outcomes at lower cost), is the only way to improve care outcomes while maintaining or reducing costs. Underpinning the ability to make this change is the need to collect ongoing patient reported outcome data. Until recently a lack of access to the right tools has made it impossible to achieve this without considerable increases in workload, putting pressure on existing available resources.

The company’s founding team, made up of technologists, senior physicians and pharma industry specialists, understands the clinical setting in intimate detail and wanted to develop a system that would strike the balance of addressing the need to proactively ensure patients get better care outcomes, while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

Using the team’s combined knowledge and expertise The Clinician has developed the original and inventive platform ZeDoc for PROMs distribution, collection and analysis throughout the patient care continuum. Leveraging cutting edge agile technologies and specialised data architecture it allows for seamless integration with a variety existing medical and administrative systems. The unique ontology backend, deep learning capabilities and mobile API’s, that blend data from different health tracker devices and wearables, produces insights and discoveries that have not before been possible with existing solutions.

Enabling the collection of patient reported outcomes in existing clinical workflows, while reducing the traditional effort to achieve this with proprietary scheduling and automation tools, the ZeDoc solution facilitates the “vision of a value based healthcare system” becoming a reality!